Omari Stephens wrote:
> Hi, all
> I'm working on a patch which shifts the rotation grid so that a grid 
> intersection always falls on the center of rotation.


Here is my initial feedback on the patch:

-          k = tr_tool->ngx + tr_tool->ngy;
+          k = tr_tool->ngx + 2 + tr_tool->ngy + 2;

+ 2 is way too magic here, that should either be a constant with a 
sensible name or preferably removed altogether.

+  fprintf(stderr, "\nBefore: (%f, %f) -> (%f, %f)\n", tr_tool->cx, tr_tool->cy,
+          tr_tool->tcx, tr_tool->tcy);

Please keep patches for review as small as possible, i.e. don't keep 
debug output in them

- Martin
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