On Sun, 2009-04-05 at 16:33 -0600, Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> How do you use the Configure Extended Input Devices dialog?  The Bamboo
> is recognized by xorg without any xorg.conf settings, but you have to
> add some stuff to get the pad and eraser to be seen.  That much appears
> to be working.  I can see the X events with xev for the four buttons and
> circular pad.  BTW, the drawing area on the Bamboo and the stylus work
> just fine - pressure works great and the tool respond as expected.  But
> just for the stylus and drawing area.  I'm now trying to figure out how
> to get the eraser, extra buttons and circular pad to do something
> useful.


The wacomcpl tool allows mapping the buttons and circular pad to GIMP
events by making them look like key presses from the keyboard (it will
also allow you to make them act like mouse buttons).  Unfortunately
wacomcpl isn't available for Fedora 10, so you have to build it manually
from the wacom source distribution.  For other googlers of this thread:
grab tk-devel and tcl-devel to build this tool, and you don't really
care if anything else gets built.  The current X.org and kernel drivers
seem to work fine in F10.

So the Bamboo works fine now under GIMP.  But I'm still curious as to
the purpose of the Axes and Keys tabs in the Configure Input Devices
dialog.  Does anyone know what those are supposed to be used for?

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