I would like to raise an enhancement for gimp.

*Apply transforms on double click*

The current situation is, after a picture transformation, i.e. change the
parameters by hand in the pop-up dialog box, or using mouse pointer to make
the transformation on the picture itself, the user can either press ENTER
button or click on the respective button on the pop-up dialog box to apply

It is good if the user can DOUBLE-CLICK on the picture after the
transformation has done. This gives the user easiness when the user do the
transformation by the mouse pointer. Otherwise he/she has to use hand on
keyboard or move the mouse pointer to somewhere else to apply the

Since I was applied for the GSoC this time, I would like to make a patch for
this to familiarize myself with GIMP if it is recommended by the community.

Thanking you.

** Chandana Bandara
IRC: boneyCB
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