Hello, it´s me again.

I was thinking this time about 3 new other features that Gimp could have:

1 - grouping layers by folder.

This one should help artists who does their work in a lot of layers, as
example, coloring characters. Then you have a folder for body, for example,
with just the layers that you used to do lineart and color of body, etc.

2 - Hide/Show all layers inside folder

If (1) exists, then this one would help in show/hide just the part you want
in you project

3 - Select layers and then apply "Merge layers"

Instead of do it, for example, 5 times to merge 5 layers, it could be
possible to select which layers are affected and then do the command.

I myself don´t know if it is simple/hard to implement. But thinking on a new
Major version, this simple tasks would help a lot, wont it?
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