as you may have noticed (or will notice soon, at least when svn does become 
more and more outdated), GNOME is moving its source code repository from SVN to 

GIT should be available on all major platforms - via the package managers of 
most Linux distributions, and installers for Mac OS X 
(http://code.google.com/p/git-osx-installer/) and Microsoft Windows 

However, most people will be inexperienced with using git, especially if they 
try to follow the "best practice" of a distributed revision control system - 
having 'git pull' tell you that it doesn't know what to pull from isn't that 
reassuring, at least.

So we need an example workflow from someone who is already comfortable with 
git. A description that starts right at the first 'git clone' and includes the 
creation of a local branch(?), and the committing changes for others to see.

This will be interesting especially for Summer of Code, as we usually want to 
have students their own branches, but preferably not local ones.

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