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> GIMP-Dev-team,
> I was trying to create an animated GIF on a Linux-machine and after quite
> some google-ing I came across the below site
> http://nativeraving.blogspot.com/2007/11/creating-animated-gif-files-with-ubuntu.html
> The summary of steps described in this site to create an animated GIF from a
> video file are:
> First you need a program called "Avidemux"
> Once you have that installed you need to launch it and open the video that
> you want to chop.
> Select the part of the video that you want to use as an animation using the
> A/ and /B buttons.
> A/ = Beginning
> /B = End
> Now you need to save your selection as JPEG files.
> In Avidemux go to
> File>Save>Save Selection as JPEG images...
> Save the project to a new folder, then view the files in their folder and
> delete any unwanted frames.
> Next, fire up F-Spot photo manager, import the folder:
> File>Import
> To resize the frames we will need to export them.
> In F-Spot you will need to click on browse and then hit CTRL+A to choose the
> frames
> Then export them:
> File>Export>Export to folder...
> Then reduce the amount of pixels to resize the frames.
> Next you need to fire up the GIMP and open the first frame.
> Next we need to open all the frames as layers.
> To do this we need to go to our first frame and go to the menu:
> File>Open as layers
> Browse to the folder with all the frames in it and hit CTRL+A
> Then hold CTRL and click on your first frame to deselect it and then open
> the files.
> Hit CTRL+L, that will bring up the layers.
> To preview your animated image simply go to the picture window then:
> Filters>Animation>Playback and hit play.
> To help reduce the file size go to:
> Filters>Animation>Optimize (for GIF)
> All you have to do now is save the image as a GIF and choose to save it as
> an animation.
> Given this scenario, I wanted to request a feature that I believe will be
> handy for a lot of users with similar requirements.
> Is there any way we can add a feature that takes in a pre-cut image and
> makes an animated GIF out of it?
> I understand GIMP is more for Image-editing and not Video-editing, but if
> there is a provision from within GIMP to cut specific section from a video
> file and convert to an animated GIF then it will be a superlative feature.

Use GIMP-GAP. This makes such a task very simple AFAIK:

1. Load (part of) a video file as a GAP animation, using the
Video->Split video into Frames
2. Convert it to a conventional GIMP animation  using Video->Frames to Image
3. Save the resulting image as a GIF.

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