Alchemie foto\grafiche wrote:
> I hoped that with the passage to GEGL the old bugs in the Mreging mode were 
> fixed
> (i refer here to OVERLAY, that in gimp is NOT overlay but a misnamed clone of 
> Soft Light, and to Color that do not seems work properly )


With GEGL enabled for the projection (View -> Use GEGL) the layer modes 
Overlay and Soft Light are not identical any longer, in other words 
fixed in that sense. Iirc I reused the legacy algorithm verbatim for the 
Color mode so if the legacy code had issues the GEGL code probably will 
as well. We should fix Color mode before we use GEGL for the projection 
by default. I looked up the bug report for this:

Bug 325564 – Layer mode "Color" doesn't work well

and put it on the 2.8 milestone list. There is a closed bug report for 
the Overlay mode but can't find it right now.

There have not yet been a release for which this could be mentioned in 
the release notes. Plus, as long as GEGL is not used for the projection 
by default this is not really that big news.

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