peter (yahvuu) wrote:

> peter sikking schrieb:
>> - png bKGD. looks to me it should be honoured on import
>>   (as file creating import, that is), no extra dialogs please.
>>   I tend to say it should not be used (by default) on export.
>>   a set bg-color-layer should be merged into the pixels. but
>>   then there is roundtrip safeness... import png as layer:
>>   what happens today? honour by merging to layer pixels?
> i can't follow here. Was my analysis flawed?
> ( 
> )

and I do not really follow what you wrote in there.
I do have the feeling we draw different conclusions.

to clarify what I write:

import (creates new GIMP document window): bg-color-layer should be
set to png bKGD.

import (creates new layer): png bKGD should be merged with image pixels.

> conclusion there:
> GIMP's equivalent for the PNG bg color is Preferences->Display- 
> >Transparency

I cannot agree with this. completely different intent.
bg-color-layer and png bKGD are about what will the image consumers see.
Preferences->Display->Transparency is about how do GIMP users gauge


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