2009/4/29 peter sikking <pe...@mmiworks.net>

> guys,
> here is sort of a review of what has been discussed here:
> To take this top-down: I can only see this change as an UI
> improvement if it means getting rid of the bg color swatch.
> Only then we can reach the goal of less user thinking,
> instead of more.
> but some crucial things depend on the bg color.
> the gradient tool being the big show-stopper for me.
> the tool needs a redesign, but up to then the fg->bg
> type of interaction looks to be the most (universally)
> usable to me.

Unless you make a ease and nice way of swathing (or alternating) colors, I'm
against it.
When you are painting (making a digital painting or painting on a mask...)
in the current version you just hit "X" to alternate between bg / fg colors.
Its just ease that way.

But I really like the bg color and the idea of "always transparent" new

Just my two cents. =)
Thanks for your efforts.

Filipe Soares Dilly
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