I just ran through my scripts.

In the .scm files distributed with gimp, there were:
38 files containing gimp-context-set-foreground
65 files containing gimp-context-set-background

looking at the scripts I have installed in my home directory, there were:
49 files containing gimp-context-set-foreground
29 files containing gimp-context-set-background

This is my no means a thorough assessment.  Perhaps the individual
operating the gimp plugin registry could grep all the plugin files and
give a better count of the third party scripts using these calls.

-Rob A>

> I guess some third-party plug-ins rely on fg/bg values. For instance, FX
> Foundry -> Convert color temperature. That's for compatibility. And
> there should be a way to a provide an interaction between script-fu and
> user selectable colors.
> With respect,
> Alexander Rabtchevich
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