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> Hi David,
> here's a mockup idea on your proposal; might or might not help
> to identify the current<->previous color pair... just brainstorming.
> I hope you're not bothered i'm sending private mail - it's just
> i can't contribute anything generally useful on the topic,
> much along the lines of what Martin said.
When Martin said that, I thought "that just means it's inappropriate
for us to make the decisions. It doesn't mean we shouldn't do research
-- in fact, I'm sure Peter Sikking would appreciate it."

Hence, I've CCed this to the list.
> All i know (or imagine to know ;) is that the only tool which requires
> the background metaphor is the eraser, including the 'selection erasers'
> delete and cut. I don't even see a conflict with bg-color-layer, despite
> that's where i started to question the bg color swatch..
> So from my point of view, everything is open for the tool box, be it
> mypaint style, or even mypaint+bg color, color swatch plugins,
> left<->right+bg color, you name it.

I've looked at your image, and I'm not sure what it's supposed to be.
A layout for the OSD? or a toolbox status display? Or something else?

When you say 'toolbox' I'm also not sure whether you mean the optional
colors display at the top of the toolbox, or the 'Colors' dockable (or

Have you looked at MyPaint? It doesn't *have* a status display :) It
allows you to edit the current color (via a shortcuttable menu item)
and move through the color history; that's the only time you see the
color history, via the Onscreen Display. The OSD I mocked up before is
pretty close to what MyPaint's OSD looks like, though.

I've created a mockup of my own idea of a toolbox status display. It's
based on the old color display (I think we should try to take the same
amount of space as before).. It's attached. I believe it makes the
current + immediately previous color obvious, while clearly
prioritizing the current color, and showing the other indication.
I left the 'reset' and 'swap' icons there, because they still make some sense.

In the OSD I mocked up, the current + previous color are always the
rightmost color , and the color immediately next to it. So IMO no
further indication is needed in the OSD.

> many thanks for taking the time for discussion
> and all the great work on GIMP,

Thanks for starting this thread that so much interesting discussion
has come out of :)


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