2009/5/7 David Gowers <00a...@gmail.com>

> patch #0010 fails:

Did you pull from GNOME master before you applied the patches? I should have
said that the patches requires latest GNOME master. If you apply the patches
on top of commit 9c2aae1281d.. you should be fine.

This works REALLY well! I <3 it! It behaves much more comfortably than
> the old setup,

I like that you like it :)

I was confused by how 'export to foo.png' was only usable once the
> image became dirty (ie. I changed it ). If that is considered
> appropriate behaviour, then your ability to 'save' should also depend
> on the dirtiness of the image

Hmm this seems to work properly for me, I can 'Export to' repeatedly also
after having saved, it doesn't seem to depend on dirtiness. Maybe you
resolved some patch conflict in the wrong way? Could you try to reapply on
top of latest GNOME master? If you still have problems, what are the

  / Martin
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