Michal wrote:

first of all, thanks for trying it out and commenting.

> My comments and observations:
> 1. When I try to save and I change extension to (for example) .png,  
> message appears:
> "You can use this dialog to save to the GIMP XCF format. Use File- 
> >Export to
> export to other file formats."
> I think it'd be better:
> "You can use this dialog to save only to the GIMP XCF format. Use
> File->Export to export to other file formats."

you added "only" to the string. I actually find that negative thinking,
like we are sorry we are only able to do that for our users.

> 2. When I open image "foo.png", do some changes and close it, GIMP  
> message
> says:
> "Save the changes to image 'Untitled' before closing?
> If you don't save the image, changes from the last minute will be  
> lost."
> There are options:
> "Close without Saving", "Cancel", "Save As".
> I think it'd be very useful to have option: "Export" and even  
> "Export to
> foo.png". Obviously in this case GIMP message should be different as  
> well.

This is a point that Martin and I discussed on irc.
Here is the main point that the changes are clarifying is:

     a file is only safe when it is Saved (in xcf)

this means that export is never the solution to unsaved changes and
"Export" and "Export to foo.png" cannot be there in the dialog as
ways to resolve the situation.

> 3. I have file "foo.png" in "bar" folder, I try to save image "foo" as
> foo.png in that folder (I changed xcf to png manually) GIMP message  
> appear:
> "A file named "foo.png" already exists.  Do you want to replace it?
> The file already exists in "bar".  Replacing it will overwrite its
> contents."
> Options are: "Cancel" and "Replace". I choose  "Replace" and GIMP  
> message
> says:
> "You can use this dialog to save to the GIMP XCF format. Use File- 
> >Export to
> export to other file formats."
> I think the second message should appear straight after when I choose
> "Replace" because first message suggests that I can save "foo.png"  
> anyway,
> which if not true.

true, you have found a bug. like you say, the "you can use this  
message should appear straight away.

> 4. In Save Image dialog there's in bottom-right corner button, where  
> you can
> choose what you see:
> "all images", "all files", "gimp XCF Image"
> Although "all images" is selected, you can see only xcf files.

that looks like another bug to me. it is still useful to see all images
(to steal there filenames) in the dialog.


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