While I haven't tried the new behavior, I would like to be able to see 
either I have made any changes after the export in the title bar or not. 
Now it is indicated with a star. I prefer to see it remained.

>> 2. When I open image "foo.png", do some changes and close it, GIMP
>> message
>> says:
>> "Save the changes to image 'Untitled' before closing?
>> If you don't save the image, changes from the last minute will be
>> lost."
>> There are options:
>> "Close without Saving", "Cancel", "Save As".
>> I think it'd be very useful to have option: "Export" and even
>> "Export to
>> foo.png". Obviously in this case GIMP message should be different as
>> well.
> This is a point that Martin and I discussed on irc.
> Here is the main point that the changes are clarifying is:
>       a file is only safe when it is Saved (in xcf)
> this means that export is never the solution to unsaved changes and
> "Export" and "Export to foo.png" cannot be there in the dialog as
> ways to resolve the situation.
With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich
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