gg wrote:

>>> That's true, but how does that make undo different from many other
>>> functions?
>> undo involves user having a change of heart.
>> a script cannot have a change of heart.
> No but it can have a conditional execution path dependant on the  
> result of a previous command.
> resize image
> save test.png
> if (size of file) > 4GB undo resize.

for a moment I thought you had a point there, but then I realised this:

users undo because of a qualitative decision (that is not it) or
because they messed up (oops). scripts can only use quantitative
things to decide on (it is not called computing for nothing) and
always move forward, maybe using delete/destroy to clean up the
mess they made.

I have big apprehensions that a machine script need to touch the
users' undo history. I would like to know from David Hodson what
he is trying to achieve manipulating the undo stack.


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