I think you are too biased towards xcf as an everyday storage format. It 
is not needed very often, at least for now. May I provide my usual workflow?

1. I take pictures in RAW.
2. I convert the pictures I liked in UFRaw and save the result in jpg 
with maximum quality (1:1:1, floating point, 100%). The tests I made 
before showed there was no difference with png but the file sizes were 
less. If a photo requires cropping, resizing, retouching I process it in 
GIMP. And here is the main point: I save xcf only if I have made complex 
actions, including layers, which could take too much efforts to repeat. 
I store intermediate results as invisible layers as possible starting 
point for future modifications.

Look: the final aim is jpg or any other common format (web, printing, 
etc.). I only save in xcf if I think it can happen I will need to edit 
it once more. Storing data in xcf is not so convenient as image viewers 
do not understand all its nuances. So in most of cases I need 2 things: 
original untouched RAW as an untouched in any sense source and a result, 
which is flat image format. This is rather common workflow I guess.
If the situation with lossless editing and third-party image viewers 
changes I think the things with final format will change also. But 
currently the final format is flat image, not xcf. It is so for printing 
in a photo lab, web and so on. Storing additional large files or having 
to convert them to jpg each time they are needed to be handed to someone 
is not a good thing, at least for a person which has and stores RAWs.

My 2c.

peter sikking wrote:
> Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:
>> While I haven't tried the new behavior, I would like to be able to 
>> see either I have made any changes after the export in the title bar 
>> or not. Now it is indicated with a star. I prefer to see it remained.
> that would mean we needed two indicators, one that is is saved,
> and one that it is exported.
> but that again would deceive users that export is nearly the same
> as saving. it is not.
> maybe it is better to try it out (for a month) first.
> because I am sure that the new clarity of when the work you
> see on your screen is really safe (only in xcf) will change
> users thinking and behaviour about how to secure their work
> and when it is a good time to export.
With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich
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