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> Peter, I think you (or me :) ) will be surprised if know the statistics
> on the percentage of photos which really need complex retouching or
> complex actions with layers. The most common cases I can give are face
> retouching, "repairing" of a photo with too high dynamic range or
> correcting perspective distortion. If a photo is properly exposed, has
> not excessive noise and is not a portrait of a person you need to
> improve, there is no need to retouch it after proper RAW conversion.

Such adjustments will at some point in the future conceptually be
layer-like as well. White balance, exposure control, unsharp-masking
and noise reduction, cropping and rotation will be done
non-destructively and be possible to tweak later, perhaps even when
you re-open your GIMP composition (xcf, xcf2, OpenRaster or whatever,.
native GIMP document). If you want to share the resulting image you
might as well export it as a JPG, or perhaps even in some other format
suited for some particular use.

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