Michal wrote:

>> This is a point that Martin and I discussed on irc.
>> Here is the main point that the changes are clarifying is:
>>    a file is only safe when it is Saved (in xcf)
>> this means that export is never the solution to unsaved changes and
>> "Export" and "Export to foo.png" cannot be there in the dialog as
>> ways to resolve the situation.
> O.K., but I may not care if file is safe or not. All I want is to  
> have that
> changed file on my disk. I don't mind if it's saved or exported. Why  
> make
> things complicated for this kind of users?

we currently have a mess and it needed straightening out by a clear
separation of save and export. the clear separation is destroyed for
users as soon as there is one hint that and export is also save/safe.

> Next: It's not clear what will happen to my "foo.png" file after I  
> choose
> "Save" image as 'Untitled.xcf'. Will my "foo.png" be changed as  
> well? Will my
> "foo.png" disappear because it's now "safe" as 'Untitled.xcf' and I  
> don't need
> it any longer?

foo.png was never inside GIMP. it was an xcf that had foo.png as a
starting point. we try to reflect this in every way. one way that came
up during LGM discussions was that the layer should be always
(even for "background") be named after the image that was imported as
its starting point. I think we should do that.

to answer your question: foo.png is not touched on disk unless you use
"Export to foo.png" in the file menu. easy, no?

> Maybe it'd be better to completely rearrange that dialog to  
> something like:
> "If you close the image, changes from last minute will be lost.
> You can either save image as 'Untilted.xcf' or export it to any other
> format"

sorry, not a hint...


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