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peter sikking schrieb:
 > foo.png was never inside GIMP. it was an xcf that had foo.png as a
> starting point. we try to reflect this in every way. one way that came
> up during LGM discussions was that the layer should be always
> (even for "background") be named after the image that was imported as
> its starting point. I think we should do that.

that's a really good idea! Regarding export/import, GIMP's document model
is much like Inkscape's, with the difference that for the latter, it is
immediately understandable why...

Still, i very much hate to send users into one-way streets, and for the
open=import case, this is not planned. I wonder if we can't somehow
ease the case where export=save? Perhaps via a shortcut like
'export to PNG & close document & discard data'?

When export is just a branch in the workflow and editing continues on the
GIMP document in RAM, it might be beneficial to offer one-click Save
into a backup-directory without having to choose a filename.
Perhaps 'export to PNG & save backup'?

just a rough thought,

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