I suspect thumbnailing will not be enough. Let's see an example of  
"high end" workflow for photography. One has taken a bunch of RAW 
images. He has to browse them and compare, delete the bad ones. Then the 
images need conversion with desired comparing at that stage and the 
selection goes on... Some of them need postprocessing. And _after_ 
postprocessing they need scalable up to full-size browsing. Not 
thumbnails, but full-size preview. No thumbnail would replace large 
image when selecting which to print, handle, convert to flat format or 
delete. So the library should be able to make full-size preview.

Martin Nordholts wrote:
> Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:
>> Can one guarantee GIMP compositions will be at least correctly rendered
>> with third-party viewers as image browsing is not in GIMP goals? At
>> least recently xcf has been considered as internal GIMP format. Having
>> thousands files what cannot be easily and quickly viewed and organized
>> is not a good idea IMHO. That will be a reality a user runs into. What
>> is you vision of that problem?
> The solution to this is to provide a, probably GIMP maintained,
> plug-inable component that can do the thumbnailing. Since the current
> XCF format is tightly coupled with the GIMP internals this is a bit
> messy but will likely become much easier once we do our rendering with
> the GEGL library.
With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich

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