In GIMP there is such feature as rotate. This is of course useful but 
when correcting, you can say alignment, it is also useful to have 
ability to rotate image in such way that some point would make 
horizontal or vertical line.

User would click on one point on the image, then click on the second 
point, the dialog would appear and user would only select "horizontal 
alignment" or "vertical alignment". And the rest would be the Gimp -- 
it would rotate image in such way that those selected point would 
make a (imaginary) line.

This would be much faster comparing to showing the grid and checking 
if the grid matches the lines on the image. I am of course wishing for 
adding another way to do rotation, not to replace any of the method.

Kind regards,

PS. I am posting it here instead of bugzilla because I was asked 
every time to do so.
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