On Thursday 14 May 2009 18:00:22 Jay Smith wrote:

> We use this Gimp feature on virtually every image we create,
> sometimes _hundreds_ per day.
> Once we originally set the number of lines in the grid, we have
> felt no need to make a change for months ... thousands of images.

I can say only from my experience that measuring rotation by grids is 
tricky, and while the number of the lines is the same for me too, but 
the grid itself is not that helpful because I have to do "alignment" 
by myself (maybe 0.1 more? or less? and so on).

> I would like to see this feature _added_ to Gimp, while still
> retaining the grid mechanism also.

Of course.

> My desire would be for:
>    click (on first point)
>    click (on second point to finish the line)
>    do a keystroke command that can be accomplished with ONE hand
>      to execute the task (I would prefer not to have to hit the
> Enter key)

+1 vote, that is what I wished for.


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