Jay Smith writes:
> My desire would be for:
>    click (on first point)
>    click (on second point to finish the line)
>    do a keystroke command that can be accomplished with ONE hand
>      to execute the task (I would prefer not to have to hit the Enter
>      key)

You could perhaps do this with a plug-in:

- Use the Paths tool
- Click on first point, then on second point
  (now you have a straight-line path with two endpoints)
- Run a plug-in (which you can assign to any key you like)
  that gets the current path endpoints, rotates the current layer
  the appropriate amount, then deletes the path.

It would be an easy plug-in to write. You would stay in the Paths
tool and not have to switch tools at all.  Would that do what you want?

It would still be a useful feature to add to the Rotate tool, and
that discussion should continue; but since any change to a tool
won't be available until the next major version, this might be
a workaround that you could use right now.

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