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> So I googled, and found this wonderfully explained and proposed feature
> request from 1999 that sounds like exactly the same thing:
>   http://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/lists/gimp-developer/1999-August/009720.html
> Has that happened yet? I'll admit that I'm a newbie at Gimp and probably
> missed it, but could not find out how to do this from the 2.6 interface. I
> encounter the same problem in both "Curves" and "Adjust Color Levels":
> "Now there are two main pains with the GIMP in making use of the above
> technique.  First, in the Curves tool I have to estimate the place
> where I am on a curve and if I move that point I have to estimate
> where I've moved it to."

Among other things the old mail you are linking to proposes to use
Shift-Click in the image to add a control-point. Did you try to Shift or
Ctrl with the Curves tool active and the pointer over the image window?
Looks like there's a status-bar hint missing for this nice feature...

The best way to get any of the other changes into GIMP is to discuss it
here first and then to make a patch that implements it.


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