May be very useful for who does photo-montages a option to "resurrect" erased 
or "cleared pixels,  to correct badly cropped details that often are noticed 
only to late for a UNDO

May sound something magic but is trivial to implement, and since is not based 
on UNDO may be applied also on already closed images, or even to pre-cut images 
as png "renders" found on the Web.

Limit is that will work only with layers or images with alpha this 
case NOT a painful limit since obviously cuts for photomontages are all saved 
without stripping the alpha

THERE IS ALREADY  a Filter, more exactly a MathMAp code that may do on all the 
layer ,or even on selected part of the layer,

 (see here;
  message number 2)

 but would be a useful option for the eraser, and maybe even for other brush 

Concept, is trivial :
the eraser (or a brush tool) if used with "resurrect Erased/cleared" option (if 
used at 100% opacity ) will modify where applied only the A of RGBA without 
changing other RGB data, and that will "resurrect" deleted pixel since their 
color info are still there, only their opacity is changed

Should be not hard to implement

About the obvious objection:
"As Gimp has no reason to modify color info of invisible pixels,
Gimp filters and tools have no reason to preserve them "

That is true but in practice, when working with photomontages , clear or erase 
is very often the last operation done before saving , so most of the times will 
work,more is intuitive guess when it may not work, or not perfectly
(= if filter or tool where applied also to the transparent pixels after erasing 
or clearing )

And from a similar, apparently  magic feature (as far i know not present in 
other image editors)can't be expected 100% success, a big success may be that 
work very often...and will look as magic to many users

magic and useful, in my opinion

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