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> there is not text is your message, if was a link that was stripped away
> There is now a new version of GAP available ?

Wolfgang's message contained an attachment which announced the following:

A 2.6.0 release of the GIMP Animation package in about a week.

It will contain improvements in storyboard editing and processing and  
video encoding that now was updated to use ffmpeg0.5 as main engine  
for encoding and decoding vedeofiles.

Lots of fixes have been done to make GAP work better with the GIMP 2.6  

Developers and users, please give the gap-2-6 branch some testing and  
make sure that any problems are reported at bugzilla.gnome.org for the  
gimp-gap product.

Translators, please update the information on l10n.gnome.org and help  
us to ship gimp-gap 2.6.0 with lots of uptodate translations.

Thanks a lot for your attention.

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