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The HSL is one of the best color models. The colors are symmetrical

1. symmetrical
2. color values are not rounded (you have more colors than in the HEX
3. logical (no senselessly black axis)
4. equidistant colors in the color picker
5. the right color theory. In the middle is the neutral gray [1]

Bad's in the HSV color picker
1. not symmetrical
2. color values are rounded (in HEX a base color can have only a value
of 0 - 255)
3. not logical (a senselessly black axis)
4. not equidistant colors in the color picker, you can click too many
colors in the black area.
5. the color circle is correct but in the middle is not the neutral

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Color_cones.png

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