Hi all,
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i just wrote on the inkscape-devel list too. It was choosen as first  
for a merely chronological list of events: we developed  
inkscapegallery some month before gimpgallery.
But here i am too.

Probably you might have read about my company: nois3lab.

You know already that we developed gimpgallery.net, as well as  

We underline that it's time to show it proudly to the world.
So we're going to this year italian hackmeeting to have some workshops  
about this.
Showing why The Gimp, why free software, why drupal and so on.
But again: who better that its developer could?

So, here I am: there will be some of you guys who want to come and  
take a workshop about the software itself? The roadmap, the status,  
the choices.
It'll be of great pleasure for us all.

Btw this years' saturday session will be focused on free software  
graphics, and video with some gimp sessions, some cinelerra's and  

Here's the website


and the wiki on which we're planning the meeting


Down here some info about hackmeeting.

The Hackmeeting was born in 1998 as the time and place for Italian and
international digital counterculters, hackers and activists to share  
discuss projects and plan strategies on cyber-rights, electronic tools  
struggling and alternative views of society. In 10 years it has been  
in Florence, Milan, Rome, Catania, Bologna, Genova, Torino, Naples,  
Palermo and Parma. Every year it has been participated by hundreds of  
people, each one
contributing to the event with debates, projects, software, concerts,  
talks, and
a lot more. This year the hackmeeting is back in Milan, in the  
that will be swept away by the 2015 International Exposition projects.  
slogan will be: Hack your fear! Build your future!

Hackmeeting is a story twelve years old. Hackmeeting has been born in  
1998 and has been hold every year since that date, all over Italy,  
from north to south, in Florence, Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Pisa,  
Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Catania, Parma. It has gathered nerds, cyber  
activists, geeks, techies, but also anyone who cared to subscribe to a  
general definition of hacking as changing one's own life to suit one's  
own desire, overcoming limit and borders, self-managing tools and  
spaces. The Hackmeeting has always focused on open hardware and free  
software, on digital countercultures, economies without capital, free  
speech against repression, and tried to point out the evolution and  
the impact of computers and electronic communication on the  
information system and on all of our lives.

Hackmeeting offers workshop, conferences, spontaneous discussion,  
cyber art performances, and much more. Each proposed activity, though,  
is meant as one of the facet of a philosophical framework based on  
sharing, openness, decentralization, free access, human evolution, and  
aimed at a political outcome. Hackmeeting is organized by a community  
of hackers unique in the world for its desire to funnel the hacker  
ethics  into political activism, far beyond the limits of the  
technological environment. The Hackmeeting community thinks hacking is  
a tool to alter reality and society as a whole.

The Hackmeeting is usually a three-days long event and it's completely  
self-organized through an open and non-moderated mailing list 
)  and wiki (http://hackmeeting.org/_wiki/index.php?title=Pagina_principale 
), as well as local live meeting  in the city which will hold the next  

It often takes place in social centers, community spaces, and squats,  
to stress the close relationship between hacking and the underground  
political scene.

The first two days are dedicated to workshop, conferences and debates.  
The third is usually dedicated to a big plenum, where all the  
participants analyse new ideas and possibilities pointed out during  
the meeting, sum up all the event and reflects and examines projects  
for the next future.

For the first time in 2009 Hackmeeting is going to be splitted in two  
parts, to reach as many people as possible: Warm up and Hackmeeting.

Warm up is a series of events which will take place in various  
univerisities in Milan (Accademia di belle arti di Brera, Fisica,  
Bovisa, Bicocca, Scienze politiche, and Cascina Torchiera), between  
june 9th and 18th. They will be open conferences presented by  
researchers, experts, activists on ethics and hackers culture issues  
as hacking and net art history, open source, fear embedded societies,  
security and control, open design e 3D animation, peer to peer  
economy, ecohacking (hacker approach to ecology).
The Hackmeeting itself will take place in Sos Fornace, Rho  
(sosfornace.org) from june 19th to 21st: three days of workshops, lan  
space, sharing, meetings, discussions on free software, code, net  
neutrality, peer to peer and also digital countercultures, economies  
without capital, free speech against repression. Dedicated to the  
people who have adopted a critical and proactive approach towards the  
advancement of new technologies -- which are more and more tied to  
social control, the business of war and the commercialization of every  
vital space. Three days of workshops, games, parties, debates,  
exchanges and most of all, collective learning.

More info at: www.hackmeeting.org
Carlo Frinolli
[ creative director ]

nois3lab s.n.c.

[ http://nois3lab.it ]
[ http://twitter.com/nois3lab ]

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