I have uploaded to gitorious my small scripts for making gimp easier
to use with a Tablet PC, when no keyboard is at hand. Maybe somebody
is interested in this. The scripts are rather crude and I'll try to
improve them in time, but, for the moment I'm more interested in the
results :)

The repo is at: http://gitorious.org/gimpsketchbook/gimpsketchbook

Comments and critics are welcome.

Some glitches and notes:
* Screen rotation works only on X.
* It is preferably to rotate the screen before starting Gimp.
* Sending DBus commands is done after waiting 5 secs after starting
Gimp. If you see errors in the console, try to press 'start gimp' a
second time (without closing gimp).
* src/gimp/ must be added to your plugin list
* start the app by launching ./sketchbook from src/client (you must
start it from that dir, or the glade XML file will not be found)


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