Liam R E Quin wrote:
> Consider
> (1) open typewriter.jpg that came in from my camera
> (2) do some fun editing
> (3) save-as to go to typewriter2.xcf.gz

So far so good.

> (4) now I want to make a jpeg so other programs can use the file, so I
>     can upload it on the Web, etc.  Aha! there's File->Export to
>     typewriter.jpg,right there in the file menu.  I do this, not
>     noticing that it's using the OLD filename,and the file is
>     overwritten with no confirmation.  Because jpeg is lossy, I can't
>     now get back the original (actually it was backed up)

The purpose of that menu entry is to allow quick touchups of photos. You 
open e.g. a jpg, do some change, then export back to the original file. 
It wouldn't make sense to ask for overwrite confirmation. But we should 
look into how to minimize the risk of accidental usage since I would say 
the data loss you describe is severe.

> OK, let's suppose I learned my lesson and change to
> (4) use file->Export.
>     GIMP has forgotten my new filename (typewriter2.jpg)

The filename of the original file has higher priority than the filename 
of the last saved XCF when exporting, so we'll need to change the spec 
here if we don't want the current behaviour.

> , and has also
>     forgotten that where opened the file (and saved the xcf.gz), and
>     wants me to put the new jpeg file in ~/Documents.

If you didn't export any file previously to ~/Documents then this is a 
bug, because as third priority the path of the original file shall be 
used as the default for the export dialog. Prio one is path of the last 
export of the file, prio two is the path of the last export of any file. 
I did a quick test and wasn't able to reproduce the bug, so I will need 
a step-by-step on how to reproduce this in a new GIMP session.

> Obviously it's not supposed to work like this.  I think it should be
> (1) I load typewriter.jpg
> (2) Save would make typewriter.xcf.gz
> (3) Save-as would change "typewriter" to some other prefix I chose,
>     e.g. "funky-keys"
> (4) "export to" should now say, Export to funky-keys.jpg

"Export to" is a shortcut to export to the original file or the most 
recently exported file. I don't think it is a good idea to change its 
path if you save a file because it would switch all the time. You save, 
it changes, you export, it changes, you save, it changes again. You 
would not be able to consistently use Ctrl + S for save and Ctrl + E to 

> (5) the export to dialogue should bring up the file chooser in the same
>     directory as funky-keys.xcf.gz but with the new name filled in, and
>     that name should be funky-keys.jpg, because I changed the name.
> (6) "export..." should bring up the file chooser in the same directory
>     as funky-keys.xcf.gz, again with funky-keys.jpg by default.

First of all, there is no "export to dialoge", I assume those are 
duplicates of the same point. Why is it wrong to assume that the user 
wants to export to a file in the vicinity of the original file? And if 
that is wrong, you correct it, and it will make a better guess the next 
time. I don't think we should change the default path/name/type 
priorities in this particular situation.

> (7) after saving, there must be visible indication that the image is not
>     changed since export.  E.g. the * should go away from the title, or
>     there could be an annotation in the undo history to show the
>     filename, or the status bar could say
>     "exported to funky-keys.jpg in /media/thumbdrive6/typewriters"

The * should definitely go away after you save. It doesn't do that for 
you? If it doesn't, then that is another bug. What is the step-by-step 
in a new GIMP session?

> (8) if I am saving to a filename other than the CURRENT filename shown
>     in the title bar, and the file exists, I must be warned and asked if
>     I want to overwrite the file.

I assume you meant to write ".. I must be warned and asked if I want to 
overwrite the file when I do an "Export to"? If that is what you meant, 
then maybe that is a good idea. Peter, what do you think? If you 
literally meant what you write then yes it should definitely ask you if 
you want to overwrite a file that already exists and if it doesn't, then 
that is a bug. It seems to work for me. What is the step-by-step?

>   However, a repeated export to the
>     same file, with no intervening "save as" to change the filename,
>     needn't warn me. Or there could be a checkbox, "don't warn again for
>     this filename for this particular image, in this gimp session"

Please let's not have any such insecure message boxes in GIMP. GIMP 
should be confident in what it is doing.

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