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Some random thoughts from me. Not sure if they form a coherent picture
though...  :)

peter sikking (pe...@mmiworks.net) wrote:
> [Liam wrote]
> > Consider
> >
> > (1) open typewriter.jpg that came in from my camera
> > (2) do some fun editing
> > (3) save-as to go to typewriter2.xcf.gz
> > (4) now I want to make a jpeg so other programs can use the file, so I
> >    can upload it on the Web, etc.  Aha! there's File->Export to
> >    typewriter.jpg,right there in the file menu.  I do this, not
> >    noticing that it's using the OLD filename,and the file is
> >    overwritten with no confirmation.  Because jpeg is lossy, I can't
> >    now get back the original (actually it was backed up)
> it is ironic that this tripped you up, because we spent soooo much
> time optimising this for that other substantial group that insists
> to really under all circumstances export back the xcf they have
> in their window (it is never a jpg or png...) to the original file.

The spec has the reasoning "A much better reason for optimising are
situations where high-end GIMP users have to do some quick touch-ups on
graphic files for mates or clients, and send them back."

This is a Workflow, where I don't see a xcf-file (in the file system)
involved at all, i.e. the artist imports a PNG, does some touchups,
exports back to the same file and quits Gimp/closes the image, not
caring about not having saved his work.

Liams workflow had a step in it, where he conciously changed the
perceived "identity" of the image he is working on, by *changing* the
suggested filename. To me it would be reasonable to assume, that he did
this to protect his original file.

(A kind of related irk for me is btw., that an image imported from a flat
file format is "Untitled" and has the same naming state as a blank slate
created with File->New. It feels like throwing away information. It is a
bit unfortunate, that the "Title" is basically the same as the filename,
inkluding extensions. If we would change this to use e.g. the basename
with stripped extensions it would be natural to have - after importing
"typewriter.jpg" - a title of "typewriter", which results in the default
suggestion of "typewriter.xcf" for saving and exporting (back) to

Upon saving as "funky-keys.xcf" - i.e. a conscious change of the title -
the default export-filename-suggestion could change to "funky-keys.jpg"
(Format derived from the originally imported file).

Note that this does not at all change the workflow in the spec for quick
touchups with no concious name changing involved, esp. if not at all
saving your work.


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