>> There seem to be a couple of problems. 
>> When the $text contains anything other than [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9],
>> gimp_text_get_extents fails, saying it was called with an invalid
>You need to make sure that your text is in UTF-8 encoding.

Thanks. That fixed it.

>> Also, when the code does create an image with text, I'm not convinced gimp
>> using the font I'm requesting.
>Font selection changed completely with GIMP 2.0. There's some
>compatibility code that tries to map the X Logical Font Description font
>names from the old days to a font-config font description, but this code
>is probably not perfect.

Could you give me some more detail on this?
How does the mapping work?
I am having a problem in particular with Avantgarde from foundry urw. It
seems to be reverting to a more Helvetica-like font.


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