Liam R E Quin ( wrote:
> [...]  Experienced users are
> unlikely to want to overwrite the original jpeg, because they
> know it loses data.

Well, no. The "Export to <filename>" Menupoint is exactly for the
usecase that someone opens a jpeg, does some quick adjustments and fully
intentionally wants to overwrite the original file, because he does not
care about the full blown XCF data.

The point is, that with the semantic change of "Save" to "use XCF
always" (which is IMHO a very good thing) you lose this kind of
non-xcf-load-edit-save possibility for quick and dirty editing. Which is
why the Export to <filename> thing got added to accomodate for this.

The problem that arises with this is though, that the user suddenly
mentally has to deal with two not-really-but-nearly independant
filenames and to predict what a keyboard shortcut will do you have to
read the window title.

I think I'd prefer a tighter coupling between the XCF filename and the
Export-to filename, i.e. changing the XCF filename also changes the
basename of the Export-to-filename.


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