On 06/10/2009 04:33 PM, Simon Budig wrote:
> gg (g...@catking.net) wrote:
>> Subsequent Save as png should automatically set the default file name to 
>> /path/foo.png .
> *Please* try to be exact in this discussion. You *cannot* "Save as PNG",
> you can only "Export as PNG". The *only* format you can "Save" to is XCF
> and its compressed variants.
> Thanks,
>         Simon

I have tried to stay out of this, but I can't resist any longer.  It is
likely my own ignorance and/or not having seen a previous related
discussion, but.....

Why is there such a strong distinction between "Save As" and "Export"?

To the _user_ what benefit is this distinction?

My 2.6.6 (on Ubuntu Linux) does _not_ have an "Export" on the menu that
I can find.

If I open a JPG, add a layer to it, and then use the "Save As" menu item
to get the "Save As" dialog and if I change the extent to .PNG, I then
get a dialog regarding Export.  All well and good.  But to the _user_
that is just another necessary step in the process of "Saving As" a file
to a format that cannot handle whatever features (layer, in this case)
are currently in the working (unsaved) file.  "Exporting" it is not
something that (at least that I can find in my Gimp) the user can do
from the menu.

However, I have used a number of other programs where Export is a menu
item -- and I have not really understood why that Export was offered
separately.  In those programs, one could Save As to a few dozen
formats, but had to use Export to accomplish a similar goal to a few
other formats.

To the _user_, additional "exporting" steps are required, in this case,
in the process of doing "Save As".  But to speak of "Export" as a
distinct task I do not quite understand.  Nor do I understand why it
seems to be an issue as a distinct task.  What am I missing?

(I am not referring to why this discussion has been ongoing, i.e. how it
works; I am just wondering about the semantics and trying to better
understand what the posters are wishing to accomplish with their choice
of words.)

Or is this discussion / plan headed toward adding "Export" as a distinct
menu item.  But, if so, why?  How does that help the user?

My understanding of all uses of "Save As" is: A new file is created that
includes any changes made to the old file (within the scope of the
capability of the new filetype), and unless that new file specifically
overwrites the old file, the old file is closed without saving possible
changes that might have been made to the old file.

BTW, that Export dialog has a "Help" button.  I think there is a bug or
not-yet-implemented feature, because that "Help" button gets an "Eeek!"
page on my system:
whereas the "Help" button on the actual "Save As" dialog _does_ get a
proper page of help info.  Should this be reported on Bugzilla or is it
just one of those things still in process?


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