Iain Dalton wrote:

> The toolbar should dock to the screen edge such that the user can  
> throw the
> mouse to the edge and click to select a tool.
> See the answer to question 2 on Tog's "Quiz Designed to Give You  
> Fitts"
> (http://www.asktog.com/columns/022DesignedToGiveFitts.html).

nice to see you refer to my then hero and now colleague Bruce  
'Tog on interface' was my first grounding in interaction design, about
17 years ago, and I have not looked back...

> Assuming people agree, is this possible without hacking the window
> manager?

maybe it is simply too early to spend effort on this. GIMP currently
ships with a 6-column toolbox, (informally) kept that wide by the
tool options. This gives you an edge speed-up for 1 in 6 tools.

I am working on the long term UI goal to have GIMP ship with a 2-column
toolbox, which on larger screens could be stretched to single-column.
this includes reducing the overall number of tools and one of the most
challenging interaction design problems of GIMP: what to do with the
tool options.

once we get there, it pays to discuss the edge speed-up.


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