David Gowers wrote:

> peter wrote:
>> maybe it is simply too early to spend effort on this. GIMP currently
>> ships with a 6-column toolbox, (informally) kept that wide by the
>> tool options. This gives you an edge speed-up for 1 in 6 tools.
> How?

let me rephrase what I really meant:

"if we would make the effort to make the tool column on the screen edge
press-able on the pixels on the screen edge, then still only 1 in 6  
would have this edge speed-up."

> In all configurations I have tested, padding prevents this: i
> must jump to the edge then slide back a little in order to click on
> the tool icon rather than a little padding pixel column of the
> toolbox.

I was not even suggesting that users DIY this today by simply moving
their toolbox slightly off-screen. But yes, my window manager allows me
to manoeuvre part of the window off-screen.


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