I have a 3dconnexion space navigator that I would love to be able to use to
pan and zoom the images in gimp. Googling around, I have found a few
references to the topic, but as far as I can see, there's no solution yet.
The following link describes how to use the input controller module of gimp
to get som basic support.


The problem with this approach is that gimp ignores the value of the events,
making it unusable. Browsing around the source code, I have identified that
the events from the navigator are correctly identified in
controller_linux_input.c, but when mapped to actual events, such as panning,
the values from the controller are ignored, and the panning is performed
with a fixed pixelcount per event. So my questions are as follows:

- Are there any ongoing work with this controller that I should be aware of?

- Are there someone that could give me a brief description of how the events
from the input controller are communicated through the software? I have been
unable to identify where in the code the calls to the panning and zooming
functions are generated.

Thank you for your time.
Havard Torring
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