Håvard Tørring (htoer...@gmail.com) wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a 3dconnexion space navigator that I would love to be able to use to
> pan and zoom the images in gimp.

Yay, I have one of these as well. Please hack on that  :-)

> The problem with this approach is that gimp ignores the value of the events,
> making it unusable. Browsing around the source code, I have identified that
> the events from the navigator are correctly identified in
> controller_linux_input.c, but when mapped to actual events, such as panning,
> the values from the controller are ignored, and the panning is performed
> with a fixed pixelcount per event. So my questions are as follows:
> - Are there any ongoing work with this controller that I should be aware of?

I am not aware of any current work in that area.

> - Are there someone that could give me a brief description of how the events
> from the input controller are communicated through the software? I have been
> unable to identify where in the code the calls to the panning and zooming
> functions are generated.

The linux input controller module has a mapping, that maps events to
so called "actions", which are the same thing that e.g. get attached to
the menu. The mapping from event to action happens in
app/widgets/gimpcontrollerinfo.c in gimp_controller_info_event, which -
if it has a mapping - emits an "event-mapped" signal. This in turn gets
handled in app/widgets/gimpcontrollers.c, there you also see the logic
how events with values are handled. Basically the assigned action needs
to be an GIMP_ENUM_ACTION for the reported value to have an effect.

It is perfectly possible that the actions used to scroll the view are
not ENUM_ACTIONs and need fixing for this to work as expected.

I hope this helps,
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