On Mon, 2009-06-15 at 20:30 +0200, Håvard Tørring wrote:

> The problem with this approach is that gimp ignores the value of the
> events, making it unusable. Browsing around the source code, I have
> identified that the events from the navigator are correctly identified
> in controller_linux_input.c, but when mapped to actual events, such as
> panning, the values from the controller are ignored, and the panning
> is performed with a fixed pixelcount per event. So my questions are as
> follows:
> - Are there any ongoing work with this controller that I should be
> aware of?

Not that I know of. Logitech sent me one of these devices a while ago
and promised they would contribute code to use it in GIMP. We fixed some
issues with the Linux Input code then, but never really finished this.
And there hasn't been any code contributed from Logitech either.

> - Are there someone that could give me a brief description of how the
> events from the input controller are communicated through the
> software? I have been unable to identify where in the code the calls
> to the panning and zooming functions are generated.

The events are mapped to actions. The actions for zooming and panning
are defined in app/actions/view-actions.c and
app/actions/view-commands.c. Unfortunately the current framework doesn't
allow to do this in a way that would make the device usable. But I am
sure that this can be improved.


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