Hi all.

I am sorry, but I forgot about the notes I took at the LGM2009 GIMP bof.

I'll just send them around in the state I took them during the BOF in
the hope that they are useful. If you have the impression that there is
stuff missing or that I misrepresent some of the discussions then please
feel free to comment.

Sorry for letting this slip.

Roadmap 2008?

trying to do 2.8 before SOC 2010

* Merge vector layer branch
  - might need some work, especially in the UI
  - undo is broken
  --> mitch, nomis?
  --> End of May Univ.-Project with Peter, possibly Vector Layers?
  try to get it in 2.8.

* Polish/finalize new features
  - on canvas Text editing
  must have in 2.8.

  - tagging
  no real problems at the horizon.
  Internationalization? (Jon: CREATE-Discussion)
  Support for Default-Tags?
  Multi-Select-Tagging? --> later.

* Default Tags for Default ressources
  - Alexia + Rore are working on it / Data Extras
  not suggesting any specific workflows, purely descriptive
  also avoid culture-specific references.

* finishing Save & Export
  how to get a unified dialog?
  (GtkPlug/Socket? Sounds evil. Supported on Windows? No.) (Review of
  current plugins, which are the most important ones? can we come away
  with widget-descriptions, similiar to script-fu?)
  (we're trying for 2.8 --> Enselic)

* unified transform tool
    (optional for 2.8)

* Cairo Drawing on Canvas --> Sven?

--> so that we can do the unified transform tool?

* Summer of Code projects, integrate them into the codebase
  - python binding improvements (2008)

FFTW3 is a GPL library, so we have a licensing problem with
Frequency-Domain GEGL operations SOC, needs to wait for out-of-
process GEGL ops.

SOC 2009 final evaluation is on Aug. 24th
  - improved brush dynamics UI    --> alexia
  - improved foreground selection

GEGL performance improvements (!)
  - API is stable
  - Gimp doesn't use GEGL in a good way.
  - second view with gegl widget?
  - nobody currently working on it 
  - not relevant to the 2.8 release

Other SOC projects are basically about GEGL and don't directly affect

Stani: Python 3.0: any plans?
   - there will be differences
   - depends also on pygtk et al.

Stani: Buffer-protocol for Gimp?
   - also in Python 2.6
   - Joao wants to include the SOC2008-Python-Code into mainline
   - separate module to not have to depend on python 2.6

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