Simon Budig wrote:
> * finishing Save & Export
>   how to get a unified dialog?
>   (GtkPlug/Socket? Sounds evil. Supported on Windows? No.) (Review of
>   current plugins, which are the most important ones? can we come away
>   with widget-descriptions, similiar to script-fu?)
>   (we're trying for 2.8 --> Enselic)

Just a few updates on this. There will be no need for complex IPC 
communications between the plug-ins and the core with regards to the UI, 
the UI will simply live in the process of the plug-in, and we will 
extend libgimp with means to create this UI so that it gets a unified 
look between different plug-ins. Also, we don't need to port all 
plug-ins, only the frequently used ones. We need to be backwards 
compatible anyway so no need in converting the obscure plug-ins to use 
the new UI.

 / Martin
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