Freddy ( wrote (in part)  (on 2009-06-19 at 05:25):
 maybe you have read about Roger Alsings "Evolution of Mona Lisa" (
 ). I am trying to write a plugin (script) for GIMP that does
 something like this. The plugin should create a lot (maybe 500000 to
 1000000) generations of new images and try to resemble the original
 image as much as possible using only polygons(each generation
 consists of 1 to 10 images, and "dies" as soon as a new generation is
 born, so I dont plan on having a million images open at the same time
 ;) .

Have you considered ImageMagik? I'm not well-qualified at either scripting Gimp nor anything but simplest tasks in ImageMagik (just lurk on the IM-list) but the tasks you describe *might* be possible in it and possibly somewhat quicker?

Basically its working like I want - I can create new images, create a selection 
based on evolved points using gimp_free_select and fill the selection in the 
right color and opacity. And in the end I get something that looks like Roger 
Alsings Mona Lisa. ( is what I get 
after 10000 generations)

btw: the image link you gave and the upper level of your URL both fail to load. Are they working?

Regards ... Alec   (bura...@gmail & WinLiveMess - alec.m.burg...@skype)

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