> Alec Burgess (bura...@gmail.com) wrote (in part)  (on 2009-06-19 at 05:45):
> Have you considered ImageMagik? I'm not well-qualified at either 
> scripting Gimp nor anything but simplest tasks in ImageMagik (just lurk 
> on the IM-list) but the tasks you describe *might* be possible in it and 
> possibly somewhat quicker?

Thanks, ImageMagick looks interesting, I guess I could use it for my project. 
But I found several similar projects that are stand-alone, online Flash-based 
or JavaScript. I want to try something new, and so far nobody made a script or 
plugin for GIMP / Photoshop or any other image editing software that uses 
genetic algorithms to approximate an image. At least I could not find any. If I 
dont get it to work with GIMP, ImageMagick will be the next thing I am going to 

> btw: the image link you gave and the upper level of your URL both fail 
> to load. Are they working?

They should. If it still does not work: It looks like one of Roger Alsings 
images at about 10000 generations, look at his 10415.jpg.


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