Freddy wrote:
>> Alec Burgess ( wrote (in part)  (on 2009-06-19 at 05:45):
>> Have you considered ImageMagik? I'm not well-qualified at either 
>> scripting Gimp nor anything but simplest tasks in ImageMagik (just lurk 
>> on the IM-list) but the tasks you describe *might* be possible in it and 
>> possibly somewhat quicker?
> Thanks, ImageMagick looks interesting, I guess I could use it for my project. 
> But I found several similar projects that are stand-alone, online Flash-based 
> or JavaScript. I want to try something new, and so far nobody made a script 
> or plugin for GIMP / Photoshop or any other image editing software that uses 
> genetic algorithms to approximate an image. At least I could not find any. If 
> I dont get it to work with GIMP, ImageMagick will be the next thing I am 
> going to try.

You might want to look at Inkscape.  Polygon manipulation is more of a vector 
than a raster process, and Inkscape already has useful functionality that you 
can likely build off of.  For instance, potrace (which is built into Inkscape), 
could save you a lot of trouble in implementing a quantitative, deterministic 
fitness measure (which you could subsequently fiddle with, of course).  While 
gimp might tell you whether pixels are close, a traced image may be better able 
to tell you if the _shapes_ are close.

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