Jordan Stinson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to figure out which menu items are sensitive. It looks to 
> me as though this property is usually changed when the ui manager 
> updates the actions groups which updates the actions. I'm adding some 
> additional items to the toolbox (as a test, I'm adding some layer 
> actions). At the time of the toolbox initialization, the actions that 
> i'm adding are all sensitive. The menu items that correspond to these 
> are not sensitive when i view them and there doesn't appear to be any 
> calls to the layer actions update function after I've initialized the 
> toolbox. Could someone tell me how the "sensitive" property is decided 
> initially for menu items if not by the action's "sensitive" property?  
> Also could someone tell me how actions and menu items are related? 
> Hopefully my questions are clear enough.

Hi Jordan

The sensitivity of menu items are updated in the callback specified in 
the action_groups array in app/actions/actions.c. For example, the 
sensitivity of Image menu items is updated in image_actions_update() in 
app/actions/image-actions.c. This update mechanism is also used for 
calculating the initial sensitivity of menu menu items.

A GtkAction is an entity that does something, and a menu is a way to 
execute a GtkAction.

Also refer to my previous mail to you on this topic:

Feel free to ask further questions if things are still unclear.

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