Alec Burgess wrote:
> However, once I've convinced myself that the save to database *is* 
> happening and *is* reliable,  the switch to the alternate paradigm turns 
> out to be exactly what I want. If I exit having forgotten to save or the 
> application crashes or has to be manually terminated or even it the 
> system blue-screens no fears or worries about what work may have been 
> lost. How could life be any better?
> Whether this is possible or feasible with a graphics application like 
> GIMP I leave to better minds than mine.

That is the issue. In creative applications where most of the time
the process is one of exploration from a given start point, having an
app. that by default overwrites a previous save point (ie.
when it crashes, is killed, exit'ed accidentally, by mistake etc.)
is probably not what you want. Many times the process is "I'll
open the document, modify it, evaluate, then decide whether
to discard/ovewrite the save point/save to something else".
Note that the "accidentally loose work" problem is overcomeable
in ways that don't involve by default overwriting the start point.

Graeme Gill.
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