The current perspective method is not compatible with what you
describe (mesh distortion). I am not a math guy but my understanding
is that perspective is (iir) affine and can be implemented as a 3x3
matrix transform. On the other hand to perform an arbitrary 4 sided
polygon to arbitrary 4 sided polygon is not affine and must use a 4x4

I believe there are already enhancement requests for a mesh deform
tool. Not sure where they fit in the roadmap, though.

-Rob A>

On 6/28/09, Tamburrino Roberto <> wrote:
> The tool perspective as well as the clone with a limit of creating a
> square formed by 4 summits that allow you to change the picture or
> stretch! It would be very useful if you could set more com top possible
> number of lines that create the vertices horizontally and vertically
> like a little latex with Blender! This would be able to clone the
> streets with the curve (it can also create the white lines with an
> increased prospect of clone), areas of shadow curves (like the
> cheekbones pr lentigini remove etc ...) and the eye area to prepare well
> for the perhaps points to remove wrinkles!
> could exploit the more internal vertices to change the size of noses in
> photo retouching and ear etc. .. with their shift! graphics you could
> use to shape with a gradient to put the shades where you want ... I note
> the EPR clone in perspective with reason as the reason is not already
> the prospect! would be helpful if they have buckled to add tiles to
> walls and the like ...
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