on xD! 
if you mean with 3x3 with a central vanishing point perhaps you're
right! but there is only one central perspective type straight very long
on the horizon that seems to unite! if you see a 'rectangular object or
service to a corner with the 3x3 does not do anything because there' has
2 points of escape, and in this case we want that 4x4 is equivalent to
see a straight slant! but if you get to see a curve are more than 4
points of escape, and this why? if you think that a path is created type
pentagon, hexagon and you want a 5x5, 6x6, a 10x10 decagon eu endless
circle as the points (though this is limited), and in this case you
should use the perspective pieces for each prospect identified
especially with the clone but it homogeneity and in this way covers
learning and save time (it would be the difference in extruding a hand
in 3d against plans to bring more 4 sides from which the idea)! This is
just for the prospect, then also the lattice of the mesh can also be
used to zoom in and out parts of the body that is an option that has
photoschop has on the instrument scale or free integrated processing
(seen on youtube), one has the right option but the same scale on the
instrument! But if you want the "other party" to that point I jokingly
suggest to combine the various instruments rotate, clone, scale etc. ...
in a single place and then have the options to stop the rotation,
perspective, etc. ... with ideas (a bit like the mode selection buttons)
and then I think you save the code? to secure space in the menu ... to
clone the functional perspective is why I do not think that ... sorry
for the graphics are possoo manipulate layers with gradient which may be
useful for photo ... however the potential to exponentially increase
Gimp ... but not especially sorry if I insist!

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