I'm pretty sure Emil refers to the Color drawing /layer mode and the
way that it tends to 'burn out' colors -- the result of applying a
colorization is often far more vivid than could reasonably be
expected; Basically the same as the bug regarding improvement of Color
mode cf. Photoshop. A few theories have been advanced on how Photoshop
does it; they both agree that an RGB-based application such as the
current HSL application is incorrect, and IIRC argue for either LAB or
YIQ/YCbCr based color application. In my opinion LAB is higher
quality, however YIQ/YCbCr get the job done with acceptable quality
and higher speed.

I can do some visual comparisons sometime soon if needed.

> Exactly what do you mean by "color mode" here?
> Do you mean that the default RGB -> CMYK conversion produces too
> saturated colors?
> Best regards,
> Martin
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