On Thu, 2009-07-02 at 11:53 +1000, Roman Joost wrote:

> Two questions:
>     1. Do I have to be careful when entry callbacks write to the
>     XMPModel (or any other model or structure) everytime a user types in
>     a character (performance wise)?

Usually this is not a problem. But if it turns out to be one (because
changing the model is expensive), then you might want to delay changes
to the model. You can do that for example by not connecting to 'changed'
but instead apply the changes when the dialog is closed. Or you could
connect to 'activate' and 'leave-notify-event' and apply the change when
the user presses Enter and when the focus leaves the entry.

>     2. I tried to find out how I can add callbacks to editable tree
>     items. Those callbacks should update the corresponding fields in the
>     description tab. E.g someone changes in the advanced tab the title
>     field. This change should then visible in the description tab and
>     the title has changed.
>     What am I looking for, when I want to add callbacks to those tree
>     columns? A pointer to documentation or some keywords I should look
>     out for would be helpful.

You want to connect to the 'edited' signal of the GtkCellRendererText
object that is responsible for rendering the editable cell.


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